Life is good……..

So often I see the “Life is Good” gear around, and it makes me smile. It is a little bit of “visual optimism” that pleases my heart.  I decided to name my blog this catchy, somewhat cheesy name, because that is what pleases me so much……..seeing happiness in action, whether through art, musical performance, or just acts of kindness. All of it is something that I can perceive.  I hope to record my thoughts, my daily goings on, my family triumphs and sadnesses…….mostly because I enjoy “spilling.” I mean, I am not a girl that keeps her feelings to herself. I was told once, by my voice instructor, that I always wear my heart on my sleeve, and that all I think and feel is painfully obvious. Sometimes, that makes me angry, or at least irritated. I mean, I would *love* to be a stoic, emotionless beast sometimes, but I don’t believe that will ever be “me.” I am out there for all to know, an open book. So, for my first blog post, you can get the general gist that is “all of me.”

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2 Responses to Life is good……..

  1. amy, dahlink!
    i had NO IDEA that you were a blogger~ you are one talented and amazing woman, not to mention my dear friend!
    thank you so much for posting this link for me to check out your creations… i hope to be creating side by side with you real soon!
    love and hugs, my sweet!

  2. darlene mason-taylor says:

    This is the most elegant,fun, fabulous blog I have ever seen! It is to love, and love! Each facet has it’s own special magical place. The girls are beautiful,smart,and so much more. Your insight and philosophy as a mother is absolutely wonderful! Darlene:)

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