She who hams it up

Oh, my Ivy, she is my baby girl. She is sweet, but so strong, and sassy, and LOVES to have her picture taken. She is easy to photograph, too, because she enjoys it so much, and she has big dark eyes that just pop in pictures.

Last Wednesday, I took all 3 of the girls and a friend to the pool (very cool place, looks like a Viking camp……..sweet. Love it there.) Anyway, it was 105 degrees outside, and the heat index was 115. It was awful. I am NOT a heat girl. I dislike it a great deal. The only way I could be convinced to spend time in heat like that for enjoyment, would be if someone took me on a trip to the Caribbean. THAT heat I can tolerate. Because it is, well, the Caribbean.

I was not really enjoying myself that day. It was so hot that the water was bathtub temperature. Lukewarm. Kind of sickening feeling. So, in search of something to entertain myself, that did not require bathing in a shoulder to shoulder body of water…..I grabbed my camera.  I was sitting on my towel, when Ivy came up to our spot with her goggles. That girl looks so stinking funny with goggles on. And she LOVES them. She’s allergic to some pool chemical, and it inflames her eyes, and the goggles protect them from that. They also allow her to see everything clearly at the bottom of the pool. I swear, some day that girl will be a scuba diver. I hope so at least. Maybe then she will take her mom on a trip to the caribbean. Where we can escape to the depths of the ocean, spend time hamming it up, and see some amazing things. Someday.

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