She’s a thinker…..

Oh, my sweet Brynne. My middle child, my little Einstein, my child with a golden heart. She came to me this morning, telling me that she should “change the music she listens to before going to middle school,” and my heart went into my throat. Brynne loves The Beatles, Sigur Ros, Foo Fighters, Bizet, mascagni, and Mozart (the composers). The thought of her listening to some grotesque pop tune, simply to not be labeled a geek just made me so sad. You see, my Brynne is “a thinker.” Sometimes to a fault. Where she sits and ponders life so much, that she becomes sad, or concerned, or overly stressed. She’s really like her daddy in that way.
Brynne skipped kindergarten, and went into 1st grade after Christmas break. That was fine then, and she has always done well academically and made friends easily; but now that she is getting up into the middle school grades, things are a bit different for her socially. This makes me sad, because she is not ready for boys, clothes, and “being cool,” and I want her to stay a little girl for as long as she can. All of that other stuff always comes crashing down soon enough, like bricks weighing you down. For now, I want her to enjoy dolls, stuffed animals, riding her bike, and playing her Nintendo DS.

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