Cards, Paper, Scissors

I took a big leap today. I signed up for an online class on, called “Learn Something New Everyday.” It is putting together an album/journal of your personal feelings, experiences, etc, all using daily prompts. I am really excited about it, but yet I am so darn scared. Why would I be frightened of doing something that involves scrapbooking?
Well, you see, all along I have been playing it safe with my scrapbooking, just going along with the norm. And very recently, I have had some strange feeling that my scrapbooking “work” that I have produced, hasn’t really been a true representation of my artistic vision, my personality, my (quite honestly) borderline craziness? But recently, I have sort of started to let that go, and let my true style show through in my digital scrapbooking. What I have created has kind of shocked even me, and I felt it was time to face the music when it came to examining where I wanted to go with my crafting of scrapbooks, journals and cards. I think facing that beautiful, unique, and definitely a bit strange music, will put me on the path of achieving my dreams. I am going to stop forcing things to happen the way I want them to, and start doing them the way GOD wants me to…and actually listen to him? That means relaxing more, discovering myself, and enjoying the moments I am in….even if that means moving in a direction that scares me a little, that is a touch less “safe”, but is more true to my being.
So, in learning something new everyday, I hope to uncover my artistic vision, my plan for the future, and my belief in myself…….even if it means opening the closet door to some crazy skeletons. So, until next time…… lots of love and pixie dust. ❤

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One Response to Cards, Paper, Scissors

  1. amy love,
    i am so proud of you! there are many times that i wish that i had a daily challenge or prompt to get my creative juices flowing.
    best of luck to you and keep me posted! (no pun intended) let me know how much you are enjoying this!
    you go girl!

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