The future and the school bus

To me, this photo could be a study in human nature, emotion, personality, and sociology (at least to me, the rest of you might want to take a nap, who knows), but I think if I tell you the details behind it, it might make sense why I say that.

This photo was taken (with my old point and shoot no less, but I have always loved this photo) in 2008, when my girls were starting school at brand new schools, in a brand new town.

My baby girl there, lady confidence, she was going in to 1st grade. You can see her getting on the bus first. With her bag in her HAND no less (it is on the left hidden behind Haley), and her favorite shirt with cupcakes on it donned.  She had met her new teacher 2 nights before at back to school night, and she loved her teacher. The teacher lavished her with attention, gave her hugs, and petted her hair. She had gerbils and hissing cockroches in her classroom, which was a creative dream. So, baby girl had nothing to fear. She was going somewhere safe, beautiful, and full of love. Baby girl is confident, and courageous.  You can see that.

Oh, my sweet (at the time) 8th grader was getting on that bus too. Going to a brand new middle school. Okay, ladies who just read that sentence ( except my mother in law, who says every time we pass her jr. high “there’s Crane Jr. High, the best 3 years of my life”, yes, insanity) just the words “8th grade, Middle School” they kind of make you feel anxious now, don’t they? Add in “brand new”…..and you need some meds, right? Maybe some vicodin? Mmkay, maybe it wasn’t so bad for you, but… know what I am saying, right?     At that time, I totally thought that she had nothing to fear, that beginning a new chapter in her life was a fabulous idea.  Ahem, was I BLIND? Look at her posture. The crossed arms, the almost walking backwards as she was moving forward? Wow. And did she say a word as she was readying for school? Um, nope. Because that’s how she works. Me, I would have been sobbing, needing sedation, throwing my emotions all around like dodge balls.  She just moved forward, with some bad attitude, and fear hidden somewhere behind a wall in her soul. And somehow that makes it even worse for me, her mom. Because I see it all so clearly now. Especially since I dug up this photo.  There it is, literally in black and white.

What do you think? Does it belong in a psychological or sociological textbook? Maybe not, but as they say “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

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One Response to The future and the school bus

  1. Jennifer says:

    Reading your post made me tear up. I agree that the picture says it all. What it is about life that makes us less excited about new adventures as we get older. Watching the pure joy that younger kids experience in EVERYTHING they do is so refreshing and in stark contrast to the fear, apathy and apprehension teenagers approach life with all to often. Thankful things “normalize” in adulthood and life is easier. Haley will make it through these crazy teenager years with love and support- she’s lucky to have both in family 🙂 I love that girl!

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