Making Progress

Well, despite the difficulty of the last few days, I have managed to complete the cover of my “Learn Something New Every Day” album, and the inside “opening” cover. I hope to complete or “document” yesterday with a page this evening. A review of yesterday is a bit hard for me right now, but it is nice to be able to examine my feelings, and put them into perspective and words. So, I will post a pic of that soon.

For the cover(s) of my albums, I went with my basic style, which is definitely “eclectic” and maybe layered? (I’ve honestly never thought of it until now).  I don’t think I have never really created a scrapbook that is simply for me, with all of the things I love. This scrapbook is without the self-consciousness of knowing that others will be viewing or “judging” my album in any way (although I will be posting about it daily on my blog…….hmmmm).

“Funny how it is” is one of my recent favorite songs by Dave Matthews Band.  Because life and experience is funny sometimes. Funny how we think we feel one way in our hearts about someone, or something. How we are so convicted, maybe angry, maybe bitter, maybe sad, or maybe we are simply tired, and something happens that just turns our thinking upside down. Difficult, sad, or tragic events force us to examine things or people for the way they truly are, not for how we want to perceive them, colored by our past experiences, hurts and wrongs. Like Dave Matthews says in the song “Funny the way it is, it’s not right or wrong………”    we just feel that way, we just experience the things we do, because in the large scheme of things, it is meant to happen that way. It always amazes me how the chain of events works in each of our own lives, and how they link us all together. Funny the way it is………

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