Lost and Found

Last night, our cat Spooky returned from an almost 2 month “adventure.” Spooky was an indoor cat for 8 years, when he suddenly disappeared. We assume he just sneaked out an open door at some point.
I had pretty much, with a broken heart, given him up for dead, honestly. And then, around 6:00 yesterday evening, out of the corner of my eye, through our storm door, I saw a black cat coming up to the front stoop. So, I rushed out the door to greet him……as Ken said “I don’t think that’s Spooky, Amy.” He looked so terrible. He is skinny, his hair is a mess, and he has terrible injuries on his right front and back paws. I can’t tell if he was caught in something, or if something caught him.
Despite his ragged, horrible appearance, the girls wanted to love on him.
And he wanted their love, too.

And when I told the girls, that unfortunately, under NO circumstances could Spooky come inside right now, it was too big of a health risk, Brynne and his friend Gilly sat and gave him friendship through the door.

Isn’t that how it is with all of us? We head off on some wild adventure, trying to express our individuality and freedom, and when the world is cruel to us, we come home. We are ragged, injured, and worn. And a bit of friendship and love is all we need.

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6 Responses to Lost and Found

  1. darlene mason-taylor says:

    Oh I am so happy for Spooky and your family!!YAY!!

  2. TexasRed says:

    Glad Spooky’s back home. Trip to the vet coming up?

  3. Kimberly says:

    That was the sweetest post! I’m glad she is back! My parents lost a dog for 12 days a few years back and somehow they found him on the road less than 2 miles from their house wandering aimlessly. So amazing how animals somehow survive such adventures. Saw you on Blog Frog…wanted to say hi!!! ~Kimberly


  4. Lisa-Jane Johnson says:

    So glad he is home! If only they could talk and he could tell you of his adventures. I hope he gets the all clear soon so he can come and get some home love too.

  5. this is such an amazing “tail”, amy!!!!!
    thank goodnes spooky returned home to the family that missed and loved him so. God works in mysterious ways.
    i love you!

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