A day in the country

This weekend, we visited my mom and dad at their house “in the country.” The house sits on a hill, the front overlooks a lake, beautiful trees, and way off in the distance is the nearby small town, who’s twinkling lights look lovely at night. We were so lucky to enjoy a fabulous fall day, with a crisp evening dining alfresco, and watching the sunset over the brougham field behind the house and patio.

The next morning, we woke to delicious coffee brewed by my dad, and some fabulous waffles whipped up by my mom. After wandering outside the house in my pajamas, looking for hummingbirds (which flock around mom and dad’s house) for way too long, I decided to leave Ken to his college football game on the big screen tv, and head off on a short journey with dad and the girls.

As much as Haley wanted to drive us the short trip to our rustic location in the Gator, her driving was vetoed.  Dad navigated the really rough terrain down the hill to an old abandoned bridge over a lovely clear creek. I had never been before, but the girls had. It was delightful to skip rocks, look for tadpoles, and just wade in the ankle cool calm water which held crawdads and fish.

My Learn Something New Every Day class “prompt” for Saturday was about “feet” and where our feet take us. As I was standing in the smooth rocks, water up to my mid calf, and enjoying the girl’s fascination with all things nature, I turned to one of the rocky “islands” where our shoes rested, and saw some really interesting, beautiful things. While our bare feet were discovering the lovely things the water held, butterflies lit upon our shoes, creating such a fascinating momentary “works of art.”It seemed almost serendipitous to me, but I was probably looking for it. 🙂

I was so grateful for that hour near the bridge.  After some difficult experiences this past week, some of which drew my shoulders into knots, and brought me to tears; it was literally a breath of fresh air, and a chance to delve in to all that God blesses us with. Peaceful creeks, people we love; creatures, small, intricate, and delicate, dropping in for just a moment to let us know we are not alone, we are not lost, but we are exactly where we are supposed to be on that day, at that hour. To experience pain, stress, sadness, loneliness, joy, and beauty makes us human, and makes our lives complete in its human inperfection.

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2 Responses to A day in the country

  1. darlene mason-taylor says:

    Amy, Sweet Amy,

    This is lovely and elegant, and everything wonderful in life.
    You are so talented!! I want you to know I am a fan, and I was so touched by your observations, writings, and photographs. Love!!XO!

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