Always late.

Well, I have been crafting my “learn something new every day” album lately, but I have been lackadaisical about posting pictures of what I created.  I have learned one HUGE thing since beginning this project, and that is…….I adore hybrid (digital and traditional) scrapbooking. My last 6-7 pages have been created using a 4×6 print that I have digi-scrapped, and then added to my album and embellished with the good stuff. :)A few days ago, I finally received the tiny Pixie sewing machine that I bought, and that has really added to my pages, too. I just need to become more adept at changing the bobbins, because right now that scares me. I know….silly.

So, here is my gallery of a few of the pages I created. I have several more to come soon, as I have finished the digi side of things, but not the paper scissors creating. Happy Wednesday everyone! 🙂

September 1st was a hard day, so I needed two pages to fully encapsulate what I learned. On the left hand page, I added a card, with the details stowed deep inside (the card AND envelope),to keep private thoughts a little more private. On the right, is my thought for the day.

This picture is really bad, I was dealing with some el yucko light.  This is from the day Spooky returned home, so it was really special.  I used the tea bag (to add the date) from the “nighty night” tea that Brynne drank, when she came home from school “sick.” I think she  mostly wanted some time with her mom, some soothing tea, and a few hours escaping her first few weeks of middle school.

Again, el stinko picture, but you get the idea. 😉

My page about the Sunday afternoon I got to spend alone with Ken. It was so great to hang out together, watch movies, and eat a quiet dinner.

I really, really need to learn how to photograph my work so that the quality is better. But, I LOVE this page about how family isn’t created with blood ties alone, but it about love and trust. This is my sweet niece, with her dear friend.

September 4th (See “a day in the country) deserved two pages as well. This is the right hand page, the left will be next, which makes lots of sense. Not. Ha.

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2 Responses to Always late.

  1. TexasRed says:

    What beautiful pages!! Exciting combinations!

  2. Lisa-Jane Johnson says:

    Great pages! You’ve inspired me to try hybrid for my next project.

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