Too many distractions.

Last week (well, or the last 10 days or so) provided TOO many distractions to faithfully write.  I have looked at the wordpress bookmark every day, feeling a little pang of guilt, and wishing I had the creative juice to write a new post, to no avail. But today, at this moment….I am feeling the spark! So………

On the 25th, I celebrated my 35th birthday. It was a wonderful, but cloudy and chilly fall-like day. That is my favorite weather, actually, so it was a treat. I always feel as if I am walking the streets of foggy London. Okay, yeah, that might be a bit much, and I’ve never been to London, but it does explain how much I loved the weather on my birthday, that and the darling chocolate Converse that I picked out when Ken took me shopping.

Brynne took this picture of me (actually it was on the Sunday after my birthday, while celebrating with Mom and Dad), and I think it is so awesomely me right now.  Sort of peeking in at all of the beauty of being 35 years old. It was a great couple of days, and she just captured it all in one photo.What a kid. What day. What a year.

On Sunday, I about flipped my lid when I realized that I had my camera with me when I arrived at church. I have always wanted to take a few minutes and take photos of the lovely Tiffany windows inside of the church, but I have always felt strange taking my camera with me to the choir loft.  So, while I had my fabulous family with me, I could have them babysit my Nikon (when I wasn’t using it of course, and I used it every minute that I could.)

And finally, on Visual Optimism catchup time……. on Wednesday of last week, my sweet Haley got her braces off. Holy cow, she looked so fabulous. She looked like a beautiful butterfly that has emerged from its cocoon, all full of life, and loveliness, and glitter…so unique and special. I was so proud. I was so overwhelmed. It was a memory that I will never ever forget. It was perfect.

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