A creative kind of day

I had a fabulous Wednesday so far today. Wednesday is my day off, so that is always fabulous, but lately my Wednesdays have been full of appointments, and many other rather uninteresting and (certainly not too fun) activities.
Today, I decided to create a scrapbook page around our fall party that was held last Saturday. The party is always such a yearly treat, full of family, friends, delicious food, and October/Halloween atmosphere. I adore the fall party and enjoy most of all, strangely enough, the trip to the poor farm cemetery that is down the road from my mom and dad. The cemetery has recently been fixed up by an Eagle Scout, and it is now a peaceful, beautiful spot, covered in oak trees, and surrounded by an old wrought iron fence.
Sunday’s trip to the cemetery was overcast, around 60 degrees, and just perfect (even after quite a bit of worry over big storms that rolled through ruining the fun). It was a bit strange to look around and see children frolicking around 80-100 year old homemade headstones, rolling in the leaves, laughing, and being silly….but it was also lovely. It was comfortable, and beautiful, and just seemed…..peaceful.
The night of the party, we were greeted by an amazing sunset, like God was part of our entertainment, painting the sky. When it was time for the hay ride, a bright full moon lit our way, with just a few clouds around it to make it look “spooky.” My uncle Jerry was an excellent sport, and played a “graveyard ghoul”…coming out of the graveyard in a skeleton mask and wrapped in a sheet. It was just scary enough to get the little kids start talking about ghosts, ghouls, and creepy creatures, without haunting their sleep
So, I truly enjoyed putting together this fun page that has a photo collage of the day’s events. It was relaxing to review a wonderful day that went by in a blink of an eye.
Here I used the Scraptastic Club kit “Nightmare On My Street, ” and it was delightful to play with such fun and fantastic goodies!

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One Response to A creative kind of day

  1. eeeek!
    i love those pages, amy!!! they turned out to be so fantastic, you have really captured some fun memories~ and by the way, why am i humming “voices carry”??? 😉
    you are one creative soul, thanks for always providing the inspiration i need to keep going!
    hugs and love!!

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