Who do you love?

I recently participated in a challenge that was focused on creating a tribute to someone you love. Well, I don’t think I have ever done a page of that big love in my life…..Ken. So, I knew as soon as I saw this challenge, I needed to have my page become a tribute to him.

Ken is a saint of a man, really. He took on a great deal, marrying a girl who had no job, was just quitting college, and who already had a 4 year old daughter. Throughout these last 12 years, Ken has been my rock, my biggest supporter, my best friend, and the love of my life. Things have been very hard sometimes. I know that Ken has put aside many of his hopes and dreams and quiet time that he so craves, for all of us, and I am so terribly grateful for that.I am sure that it isn’t too easy for him to live in a house with 4 girls, all whom are very sensitive, and dramatic, but he manages, and has some little girls that absolutely adore him.

I love to take pictures of Ken, but he doesn’t like having them taken quite as well. However, like the rest of the family, he’s become used to having a camera shoved in his face pretty darn often, and is growing more comfortable. I absolutely LOVE this picture of Ken, and I think it captures him at his best. Manly, kind, brilliant, and full of a great sense of humor.

So, on this page, I have the words “i carry your heart” and ” faithfully”, and they fit together nicely, actually. They are the words engraved inside each of our wedding rings, they are both song titles, and they say a great deal about each of our personalities and feelings about our relationship.

So, Kenny, I raise my scrapbooker glass to you in tribute. Bless you, sweet man.

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One Response to Who do you love?

  1. awww. lump in my throat, tearing up…. what a special, special keepsake for you and your family! i can relate with you and your relationship with ken, we have many things in common. ( 😉 i think you already know how much.) may God bless you and your family always and know that you are loved. i know he makes you happy, he seems like such a wonderful man, husband and father.
    love you!

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