Finding Peace In Unexpected Places

Yesterday, as I examined my feelings on something difficult that I was going to have to do today, I became aware that I actually felt a great deal of peace in my heart about my choices.

Peace is a funny thing. We imagine world peace, and wouldn’t that be ideal? But how possible is it, really? Think of all of the dark and diseased hearts wandering the planet. Think of all of the sadness, and fear, and confusion people around the world carry around every single day. I am sure that all of that mess in people’s hearts and minds causes some kind of cosmic shift, that takes our collective sense of peace, and causes it to be diminished. Maybe it becomes a sort of firewall to our understanding of what peace really is; and I am sure that it is defined so differently by each one of us. Peace for me is a walk in the fall leaves, smelling the fresh air; meditating in silence while doing yoga; or creating in a quiet room with a cup of tea and a candle burning. Peace for my husband is simply being alone, with a noisy tv chattering at him. Peace for my oldest daughter is loud music and her own thoughts. Peace for my middle child is a book or video game, quietly soothing her mind. Peace for my baby is reading a book, or drawing a picture.

So, while pondering peace this morning, I became aware that peace in the heart is a completely different matter, than peace of mind. Maybe peace of heart is possible for many of us. I think peace of heart cannot be forced to happen. It comes with forgiveness, empathy, love, and grace. Without even trying I came upon this bible verse: “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”Philippians 4:7.  I think that says it all, really. Peace is outside of ourselves, has an effect on everyone it touches , and gives us all that we need. It is the spiritual water we drink, and the food from a very generous heaven.  Peace be with all of us in troubling times.

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One Response to Finding Peace In Unexpected Places

  1. darlene mason-taylor says:


    I just love your blog! Sorry you have to keep reminding me to come here! I’m senile! lol Love the first photograph!! The tree with the ladder. They are all nice, and I like the treatments as well =D XXXOOO

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