I luv Paper

Good grief, everyone that knows me one little bit, knows I LOVE paper! So, when I saw that this week’s i heart faces photo challenge was “paper,” I was game! I love paper in so many forms….scrapbooking, journaling, drawing, printed music,…….and I am a librarian, for pete’s sake! So, I found my most enthusiastic reader, gave her a book she’d never seen before (Lady Cottington’s Smashed Fairy Journal), and started clicking. I had this whole shoot planned in my mind. I was going to take her outside, give her the book….and catch all of her excitement with a sunset-kissed glow. Unfortunately, as I had to work late unexpectedly, my dreams of sunsets went the way of the sun. So, I improvised, and fired up my light scoop. I was so excited about the natural light look I achieved, that I was actually okay with having missed the setting sun.

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3 Responses to I luv Paper

  1. Linda King says:

    I love the golden glow you’ve given the image! Makes it look old timey!

  2. Mrs.Mayhem says:

    I like the coloring of the photo and the enthralled expression on her face!

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