Peeking in at Christmas Joy

You know, as Christmas approaches every year, I get excited. I am quick to put up the tree (a few days after Thanksgiving), thrilled to see its sparkling beauty, and to make my house merry. That last week of November is all excitement for me, with Christmas music, and cookies, and lights. Then December first arrives, and every single year, without fail, I feel something suck the joy out of the season.
I know that I have felt the season slip away from me every year since I graduated from high school. I think most of it is all of responsibility; financial, emotional, physical, and through having enough time. I feel so responsible for making others happy through gift giving, and rarely, if ever, can I give enough……..or what I find adequate.
So, this year I thought I would try and bring back the joy to my Christmas, and I signed up for Shimelle’s “Journal Your Christmas” class; thinking I would spend just a few minutes each day reflecting on my Christmas season…….and reclaim the JOY!
Well, that went a bit awry, as my grandmother became very ill on November 30th. Suddenly, and very sadly, my joyful Christmas became filled with sadness, goodbyes, and tears…..not to mention travel and (blessed) time with family. So now, I am struggling to regroup. However, in my determination, I do feel some joy and wonder creeping back in…..and I hope to push away the stress and keep it there.
So, prepare, dear readers, for a blast of posts……updating life since December 1st.
Have you felt the Christmas Joy this season? How do you claim it for yourself and your family? Where do you see all of the blessings of the season? I’d love to hear from you, and go on this joy seeking journey together. Love to all………A

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