A crooked kind of perfect

I have been sitting here this morning, thinking over my Christmas shopping that hasn’t been done, handmade gifts that haven’t been created, and the concerts and parties that I have yet to attend, and my lack of enthusiasm regarding all of these things is quite palpable. I have spent a great deal of my morning just dragging my feet. I think that I am mostly afraid of what I will accomplish, but imperfectly.

Serendipitously, I looked to my left, and saw a book belonging to one of the girls………sitting on the very Christmasy hearth. The title of the book? “A Crooked Kind of Perfect.”

This book title really got me thinking. I think I need to start looking at this Christmas season as a crooked kind of perfect, because obviously, perfect does not exist, especially in my world. 🙂  This is all we really need……our own form of perfect. I mean, I would never, ever paint my house the bright turquoise that our neighbors across the street when I was growing up, did ( I so wish I had a picture, and they had Edsels in the same color, priceless)…..but they loved it, and it was perfect to them. So, I am going to let the craziness of this holiday season be my crooked kind of perfect. Imperfect gifts, imperfect decorations, imperfect people doing imperfect things……..as long as it is done in love.

I am pretty sure that while the miraculous story of the birth of Jesus IS perfect, it certainly had its cosmetic imperfections, hmm? I mean, giving birth to the Son of God in a pile of hay? Not perfect. But the gift itself? Absolutely perfect, and absolutely full of love.

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One Response to A crooked kind of perfect

  1. TexasRed says:

    Great reminder! Still trying to adjust my holiday expectations for this year. Not an easy process, even when its the only logical option.

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