Tis the season for kindness

I have a friend, someone I feel I know so incredibly well, someone I love and cherish like a sister.  My friend is an amazing artist, who creates altered art that makes my heart so very, very happy. Every time I hear from my wonderful friend Christina, I feel like we are picking up where we left off, and I think it would be like that twenty years from now, too. But you know, I’ve only met her face to face ONE time! Christina and I met through mutual (and amazing photographer and artist) friend, Darlene, on Facebook.

Well, Christina, being the generous, kind, sweet soul that she is, shares her beautiful art with me through super surprises. On my birthday, I received a Halloween journal that made me cry with its gorgeousness…….and with how she made it so special, just for me! I don’t think I had received a handmade gift, complete with all of that love inside, since my grandmas made me a quilt, or crocheted afghan, at least 15 years ago.

This Christmas, I have struggled (as my earlier posts indicate) to find the joy in Christmas. And in the mail for me today, was a package just brimming with Christmas joy and cheer.

Like this sweet little watercolored house, with its hand painted pink frame. My heart…..it melted!

And this pin, made from a bottlecap. So unique and fun! Christina……so inspired and creative!

And this darling ornament made from an old flash card……how creative is that????? I love the brad and paper cut out for the star.

This hand painted journal? Holy Moses. Beautiful. It is what reached up, grabbed my heart, and hugged it, with all of the special bookmarks, and inserts, and pages to be doodled and written upon.

This page brought me to tears. It reminded me of all of the wonderful moments of my childhood, how lighthearted it was, how carefree, full of imagination and beauty. This is superb art, my friends. I wish my photo even came close to doing it justice.  All of the watercolored tones are heavenly. Sigh.

All of these photos don’t even come close to showing all of the ways I was spoiled by my lovely friend.  Her creativity is unmatched! I know that you have many people in your life that would love a journal, a hand painted piece, or one of her other many, many whimsical creations! Please visit Christina’s blog, icandy (because that is EXACTLY what it is): http://www.icandychristinaj.blogspot.com/or her online store:  http://www.icandyarts.com/ , or find her on facebook under: icandy…….Christina Jackson~Artist. Oh, and tell her that “the cultivator of the venus fly trap” sent you. 😉

Merry Friday, dear readers!

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One Response to Tis the season for kindness

  1. ok, now MY heart is melting and there is a wonderful swelling in my eyes and lump in my throat. honey~ i only do this because i feel the exact same way about you, my dear friend. you really do make me happy and thank you for being everything that you are!! promise me, you’ll never change.
    yes. 20 years from now we WILL be close and always connected.
    love and hugs to you and merry CHRISTmas to you, my sweet.
    venus (aka christina) 😉

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