A little creativity to end 2010, and kick off 2011!

My girls have been staying with my mom and dad since Monday, and I have managed to accomplish some organizing, taking down the Christmas tree and decorations, a little shopping, and the completing of a couple of layouts…….featuring the girls, of course.

I decided to choose my photos first, and then center the layout on the photo. First, I found this sweet picture of Ivy I took back in June. I just love the confident, but kind look on her face, so I decided to title it “lovely soul”…….which is exactly what she is. 🙂 I especially had fun embellishing the die cut letters a bit. I rubbed them with inkagold in silver, and stitched each letter to add a little texture.

This picture shows the die cut letters a little more closely. 🙂




A few days later, I decided I would try and create a page using the currently trendy “banner.” I decided that because Haley was tolerating (very kindly) me taking a picture of her here (she isn’t always so happy about me shoving a camera in her face 24/7), and because she is also a very talented photographer in her own right, I would cut the cutest little cameras out of a piece of printed paper, and create the top banner. I then stitched each of them to some red ribbon that coordinates with the photo mat (this was trickier than I expected, but fun!) The triangle banner has each triangle embellished and adhered individually, and then ribbon stitched and adhered as well.  I had to add some blue to the “think big” area, to coordinate with Haley’s beautiful blue eyes in the photo (and those gorgeous babies are NOT enhanced with anything, they are the real deal…..so beautiful).

In the new year, I have a goal to always “Think BIG” and dream big! I hope to accomplish and experience big and marvelous things in 2011. I believe we are only limited by fear, and I pray I will have the strength and tenacity to follow my big dreams and goals. Much love and many blessings to all of you in the new year, and Cheers to a fabulous 2011! ❤ A

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