Starbucks as photo inspiration

For years now, when my girls return from visiting my mom and dad for the Christmas holiday, we meet up at Starbucks to “exchange the goods” (meaning my children). At that point, I have truly been missing my little monsters for a while, and I can’t wait to see them.  Before I leave the house, on my way to Lawrence, KS, (where the very cozy, old brick building housing the coffee giant’s franchise sits on Massachusetts Avenue), I always grab my camera, which I have done for 4 years now.  For some reason, this particular Starbucks really gets me excited about taking photos. I think it is the gorgeous, vintage style building, paired with the contrasting modern style of the Starbucks brand. Whatever it is, I feel so inspired to capture the moments and expressions of those sweet people that I have been wondering about for a week or so. So, today was no different.

As she gazed out the window to the busy street outside, I shot my first picture of the day…..






And soon I saw my teenager, who has always loved coffee and a trip to Starbucks, and couldn’t stop myself from firing off several shots.

(Who knew that a pastry display case could create decent bokeh?)




Sadly, I couldn’t get my Ivy to cooperate for a picture the whole afternoon, but Brynne and Haley were very happy to pose for me. That made me super thrilled. 🙂





When we arrived home, the sun was beautifully setting between the trees, and Haley offered to model for me. I was so blessed to catch some absolutely lovely images of her…..they make me incredibly happy. I am so taken aback when I see how quickly she has grown, but I am so proud of her. What an imagination, creativity, and heart……..
















And for helping me see with great clarity, all of these qualities in a visual way… I thank God for Starbucks photo inspiration.

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