{My most unique and fabulous face photo capture of 2010}

When reviewing my photos from 2010 for i heart faces’ “best face photo of 2010,” I wanted to find something really unique, individual, something that stood out. I have so many photos that I love from 2010, but how could I choose only one of my children? ( I might never be able to explain it). I also knew right away what photo I wanted to use, one that, from the time I reviewed it on my lcd screen, just caught me.

Part of the reason I wanted to use this photo, is because it is so unconventional. I mean, Kayla has 2 piercings, and bright red hair, and she’s wearing an awesome Invader Zim sweatshirt (that you of course can’t see)….but this photo was also shot in a poor farm cemetery located just adjacent to my parent’s farm, a week before Halloween.

I love how I managed to capture Kayla’s kind and shy personality, her individuality, and “coolness,” all in one shot. I really am proud of this picture….and I bet there will be very few, if any, like it in this week’s entries (although there will be absolutely amazing and beautiful ones, of course…… there are some photographers out there in the i heart faces community who’s talent makes my knees weak).

So thank you Kayla, Haley’s awesome, loyal best friend for almost 10 years now, for providing me what I consider my ‘Best Face Photo of 2010.”

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9 Responses to {My most unique and fabulous face photo capture of 2010}

  1. Kelli says:

    Even before reading your text, this image screamed
    spunkiness and personality. I love it, and how her hair pops
    against the fall leaves.

  2. jeriamrine says:

    Gorgeous photo…even the mini photo on the challenge site
    jumps out at you!!

  3. Mandy says:

    Her hair is stunning!! Great capture

  4. Kayla is very, very beautiful! What a great picture Amy! You did a good job!

  5. wow… look at that color. Love the hair and expression is magnific

  6. Kate says:

    I love different and this is so powerful! Love it! Voted too! Good luck!

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