It is not about me

Today, while having a great time chatting with my friend Emily, and after singing through the ‘flower duet’ from the opera Lakme (that we are singing for an upcoming wedding), I decided to work on this page about myself. I am not ever really excited about doing a page focused on myself, but I figure that one day, my kids, grandkids, and hopefully great-grandkids will want to know a little about me. Of course, they will know I love photography and scrapbooking (obviously), and that I sing…..but I would love for them to know a little about my personality, hopes, and dreams at age 35.

I have had this paper, and Little Yellow Bicycle transparent overlay for about a year now, and I have wondered what I should do with it…..but I decided today that I HAD to use it. The camera is so fun and edgy looking, and really expresses how I use my camera to capture the world around me……..and how obsessed I am with it………at this moment of my life.


I added the gaffer tape with the romantic Italian writing to show that now, even 14 years later, my time in Italy is still with me in my heart. There is a strip of ruched transparent ribbon that I tacked on underneath the photos, after inking it in blue and show that right now I feel soft and feminine, and I am so happy to be a woman and a mom. I added gold ink to grunge board letters that I free handed, and placed on top of a “banana leaf” paper….that remind me of my favorite place I have visited so far…….Magen’s Bay, St. Thomas. All of these faves of mine, and expressions of me……they are clearly (no pun intended) covered with the protective transparent overlay that features a camera, which is sewn on.

I sometimes wonder how I could convey to my husband and kids just how much they mean to me, just how they have shaped my life in a beautiful, fulfilling way, and how I absolutely could NOT feel more lucky, blessed and complete than I do right now, at this point in my life.  I know that my journey has been so full of ups and downs for me, that oftentimes, it might appear that I am unhappy with where I am, but really that couldn’t be farther than the truth. I think the quote at the bottom of my page really sums it up for me: “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be”~Douglas Adams.

Life takes us in crazy directions, to highs and lows that are blissful or painful, but it is always a journey……a marathon not a sprint. I hope to capture myself along the way, and discover more about who I am, and why my story has such strange story lines occasionally.  I feel so lucky to be able to express my feelings and heart through art….and I hope someone will look at it some day, and it will speak to them.  Happy Saturday dear readers…..


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