This week’s i heart faces challenge is Smile. Good gravy, this one was really hard for me. My oldest has a lovely smile that cost like 8 million dollars (not really, but close), my middle child’s smile is just so funny sometimes………especially when she laughs, and my sweet baby girl…….she smiles all of the time. So, I just decided to go with my most recent smiley pic…..which I caught yesterday while the girls were playing in the snow. I love how you can see the individual snowflakes caught on her hat, coat, and scarf; and how the snowy landscape around her makes the beautiful purples stand out and sort of flow into each other like watercolors. But, most of all I love my baby girl’s smile. I love how excited she is to delve into the deep snow, how happy. This picture makes me smile.

Yesterday, I was feeling a bit down, and I was afraid I wouldn’t pull out of it….and that bothered me because it was Brynne’s birthday, for Pete’s sake, I’m supposed to be celebrating! When the girls went outside to play in the snow, I almost stayed inside to wallow. You know what I mean…..the “let me be alone to feel cruddy without explaining myself.” Well, something told me that I would be way better off outdoors, watching the girls enjoy themselves, with my camera in my hands of course. As I wandered along in the deep, powdery snow, my camera up to my eye, I realized….the perspective I have behind the viewfinder is amazingly different.  In those moments I see things in very sharp detail….I am able to see emotions.  You know, I think that’s what photographers enjoy so much, the condensing of the world into digestible bits of feeling, frozen for just a very brief moment of time in a frame.  And in that moment capturing Ivy, all of that need to wallow disappeared, because I didn’t just see the beautiful smile, I saw youth, elation, wonder, and JOY. So smile she did, and in turn so did I, and I hope you will too.

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6 Responses to Smile

  1. Katie says:

    This is a great shot! We have been enjoying the snow all week as well – tomorrow is our third day off from school…. This is the perfect picture for this week – nice work 🙂

  2. alej keigan says:

    very nice! the purple looks great against the white, too. 🙂 glad you got out and had some fun!

  3. chesley says:

    very nice! i love snow pictures!!

  4. I like the pretty pastel colors against the white. Good

  5. Lovely colors! And a beautiful smile…

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