Innocent Wonder

My baby is now 8 years old, and I am trying to savor every little bit of the ‘little girl’ time as much as possible. I realized the other day, that she’s the only one that still has class parties and show and tell….and that just seemed so overwhelmingly sad. So, instead of being sad, I decided that I am going to capture every “innocent” moment I can, and enjoy it.

We’ve had LOTS of snow around here lately, and so any outdoor photography that I would like to do has to involve the snow. 🙂 The evening that the two younger girls went out to play was so beautiful….I slipped on my cozy Uggs and double sweatshirts, and joined them with my camera. Around the time I was going to go indoors (about an hour after going out there, we were having a blast), Ivy says “Mom LOOK, it’s an icicle pop!” She had pulled an icicle off of a cedar tree, and it stuck out of her mouth with snow gathered at the bottom. As she turned her head, enjoying here “icicle pop,” I caught that innocent wonder, and I love it.

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2 Responses to Innocent Wonder

  1. Amber Salmon says:

    Love the light in this shot!

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