Sunset sparkling on snow

I know some dislike snow because it is cold, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. I personally think it is incredibly beautiful as it falls in huge flakes, covering the earth and making it silent. At the moment that you stand outdoors in the snow (provided you do so, of course, hehe), as dusk is falling with each flake, the peace that comes with the silence is just enthralling…at least to me. I know that there is a bit of darkness inside of me that drinks in that dusk, the bare branches of the trees, the spare landscape, the feeling of loneliness. But the most thrilling part of any snowfall to me, is the brilliant sunset that sometimes will follow the dark. I adore the glittering, smooth flakes spread out across the ground, or collected on the trees and foliage. So, these photos reflect that love, and the love I feel for my children, enjoying those moments too.

Ivy threw snow in the air at my request…but didn’t want to stop because it was “so fun.”

Brynne was hard to catch, because she was sledding and snowboarding furiously.She had just fallen off of the snowboard and rolled about 10 feet here….I guess it was funny to her? If it would have been me, I would *not* be laughing…and I probably also would have broken my leg…just sayin’. 🙂

Ivy’s silhouette, as she builds a snowman on a hill.

Brynne after sledding down the steep hill on the side of our house.

Aww, the snowflakes in her lashes make me teary….I know that’s goofy, but it is so sweet to her mama!

Concentrating really hard on making just the right snowman…..

Lo. sifted through the winds that blow, Down comes the soft and silent snow, White petals from the flowers that grow In the cold atmosphere. ~
George W. Bungay

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