The Altered Art Life {my first project}

The other day, I finally finished a small album (I believe it is 6×6) that I decided to “alter”, and I am so pleased with how it turned out. I have shared the altered art of my friend, Christina Jackson, before, but I have never actually attempted it myself.
I started with this canvas album from Maya Road. I seriously think I bought it way over a year ago, when it was maybe 50% off, and though I thought it was super cute, I couldn’t think of what to do with it…so it just sat in my stash. 🙂  Most of the products I used in this project were scraps, leftovers, and other recyclables laying around my scrap room that I repurposed, but I did purchase some misting ink, and sprayed several layers (letting them dry in between) on the outside of the canvas cover, to give it a blue shimmery cast. I then used Creative Memories Chalking ink in brown for the edges of the album and embellies, to distress them. I knew I wanted a ribbon closure, so I sewed it on for durability, and added then pulled the ribbon through a Tim Holtz keyhole embellishment, and adhered it with brads. There is another ribbon sewn to the back cover, and includes another key.

The keys (they say “life” and “journey”)I added later (when I saw them on the shelf, I knew that I couldn’t resist,  they were just so perfect)and are also Tim Holtz.  Can you tell I ❤ Tim Holtz stuff? **In fact, I about flipped my lid when I won a bunch of his goodies from a giveaway on **Anyhooooo back from the tangent: really, the majority of the time I spent on this project was on the outside cover of the album, getting it just right.

The inside of the album flowed together pretty easily, and was so much fun to do! The little canvas pockets are super neat to add trinkets of memorabilia to; and the chipboard pages are thick, so they took adding ribbon, staples, paper, and layer after layer to super well.

I opened up Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus, and created 4×6 black and white pages with the photos at about 40% opacity; and added song lyrics or information representing each member of the family on top.  I didn’t add this to each set of pages, as this is a tiny album, and I was already making it obese; however, I reduced the size of these by adding with ribbon, instead of to the binder rings.


The page of Ken and I together is my absolute favorite, and I actually made it on a 4×6 card, so that I could add the lyrics and photos inside.  I also learned during this project, that I LOVE gaffer and tissue tape, and my sewing machine was essential, mostly because I couldn’t have adhered paper to canvas any other way! 🙂

All in all, when I looked at the completed album..I saw ME, and my style looking back at me. It is so much so, that my Mom said “Oh this is SO AMY!” when she saw it. That made my heart all fuzzy inside, because in my search to find me, I hope to drag a little scrappy art with me.

Many thanks to my friends Emily and Leslie for their encouragement, love, laughs, and fun while I worked toward completing this album. They are amazing scrapbook artists themselves, and they always inspire! And to Christina for putting the wheels of this project in motion with her super art…a Venus Fly Trap is in the mail, friend. 😉





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One Response to The Altered Art Life {my first project}

  1. aren’t you just the sweetest ever?!
    what a complete surprise to stumble upon, thank you so much for all of the kind words amy!!
    ahem…coming from you, i consider that quite a compliment!!!
    YOU are the fab one!
    big hugs to you all and lifting extra special prayers for haley.

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