3 Valentines in 15 minutes

This morning, I was down to crunch time in making homemade Valentines for my girls. I wanted to make them basically the same (so as to not show favoritism in anyway….that’s a biggie in our family right now), and to make them as cheerful and kid oriented as possible. After fighting with my virus riddled computer for waaaay too long, I literally needed to run to the scrap studio to get started. I knew that time was ticking away, so I immediately selected my products, without being all wishy washy about it as I usually do. I found a piece of Little Yellow Bicycle paper (I think the line is “forever love”) snipped off a piece of pink polka dotted ribbon (Michaels), and grabbed some paper flowers (that have a fabric feel, I’m sure they have a real name, I just dunno what) that I bought super cheap recently. I already had basic white cardstock cards cut, so that made things pretty easy. After tracing and cutting the paper, I adhered it to each card, making it in sort of an assembly line process. I then cut the extra wide ribbon into 3 strips, fed it through my xyron X, and adhered. I quickly grabbed my glimmer mist in pink, and “glimmered”the basic white paper flowers. I didn’t bring down my hairdryer, so I stuck them under my ott light to dry. While that was occurring, I found 2 heart shaped brads, and poked a hole in the card where I wanted the flower/brad with my paper piercing tool. (Um, the paper piercing tool is invaluable to me, seriously. I once stuck a brad so far into my finger, I thought it would remain there permanently….omgoodness it hurt. the stupid thing is, I did it more than once after that. I was determined to save money. The tool cost like $3 and my thumbs were so much happier to not have whimsical brads adorning them.)

The best part of this project was the fact that I could fill the inside of the card some really heartfelt words to each girl, because I had 10 minutes to spare. The whole project, 3 cards, took 15 minutes to complete.  The littles each had their card and candy placed in a “love bug” (saw them in a commercial and totally couldn’t resist…so cute!) and because I had extra time, I made a custom glittery name card out of the scraps of the project to go in the buggy’s hand! Three cheers for having girls when you love glitter! ❤The bad part about the glitter? As I was clutching one of the buggies to my chest while bringing him to the car…I got glitter all over the skin on my chest. Now it appears that I am ready for a night out at the club, instead of a day at work as a librarian. Ha! At least my patrons will have something to wonder about!

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear readers! I am sending much love to you and yours today and always! Go hug your loved ones and enjoy the day!!! ❤ <3<3 ❤

**Apologies for the uninspired iphone photography….I did say that this was a “quick project” hehe.***


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