A beautiful day on the prairie

This Saturday, on the way to pick up my girls at the fabulous Starbucks on Mass Street in Lawrence, I passed the coop grain elevators and was suddenly struck with the idea that photos taken there would be an awesome idea. The area is surrounded by very flat farmland, and train tracks run behind the storage silos, curving out of sight. The spot is stark, and quintessentially “Kansas.” My first shot was of the girls all lined up like rock stars on the cover of an album, right in front of the grain silos. Just as we were leaving, Haley was snapping some very close portraits of Ivy, and it gave me the idea to shoot Ivy in front of the darkening clouds and stark field just beginning to green. It seemed a bit “Life” magazine, for some reason. 🙂 I took this photo with my iphone for the iheartfaces “cell phone” photo challenge, and edited with Instagram (so fab). It makes me really happy to know that I have improved enough as a photographer to capture a fairly compelling image with a cell phone camera. Happy Monday, friends!

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9 Responses to A beautiful day on the prairie

  1. Ashlee says:

    It is an awesome photo! Great Job 🙂

  2. Robin says:

    Love this! Very “Wizard of Oz”-ish! This is my first time to do a challenge. Love your pics!

  3. Debra Eby says:

    This picture is full of artistic fabulous-ness. Such a dreamy feel.

  4. michele says:

    Very cool photo! i love the clouds!

  5. Gina says:

    Gorgeous edit on this- wow.

  6. Anne U says:

    Great photo, love the clouds in the background, makes it very moody.

  7. I like this photo – alot of emotion & at first glance I thought she was at the beach!

  8. Fabuliz says:

    Beautiful- this looks like an image from a movie or storybook!

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