What an old pair of jeans can do

The other day, I literally grabbed an old pair of jeans, and decided that they would make an awesome album or journal cover. I had seen a cute album in a book made from denim, and it had the little pocket and everything, it was just so darling……..but *my* album cover had a different destiny.

Using the leg of a pair of jeans, I measured and cut them, to create the cover, wrapping it as I would the plastic protective covering of a library book. From there, I added a backing made of grunge board, that I secured with my super duper tiny attacher. But, when I looked at what I had, it seemed too incomplete…so I wrapped the edges in tissue tape…and tried to decide if that was “it” for the cover. Nope. I sprayed it with 3 colors of glimmer mist, and inked the edges. I dug out flowers, brads, crocheted lace trim, and gorgeous Tim Holtz buttons (that came from my winnings), and just went nuts. Not “crazed” nuts, but more “creative nuts” hehe.

What I came up with is something very vintage and grungy…something I LOVE! I can’t wait to get to adding photos and journaling…and to show you all the finished product.  I am going to make a “brave girls” album for my girls. (I just recently found the “brave girls club” on Facebook, and they have the most amazing sentiments on being a strong, brave, internally beautiful woman).  I plan to add photos like the one of Ivy in my previous post, to match the feel of the cover. Soooo, be on the lookout for the finished product, and have super duper Tuesday!

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3 Responses to What an old pair of jeans can do

  1. Lisa-Jane Johnson says:

    I LOVE this Amy! I used denim on my LSNED album. I need to do the back and I’ll use the pocket on that part but I love the way it turned out. I mod podged mine first, did you prep your at all?

    • Amy Lynne says:

      Thank you, Lisa-Jane!!!! 😀 Ohhhh, I need to see your LSNED album!!! I did spray a bit of adhesive on the chipboard before laying down the denim….but other than that, I just wrapped it. The Mod Podge is a super idea…..I’ll keep that in mind, wow! Please share photos of yours with me, too…I really want to see it! ❤

      • Lisa-Jane Johnson says:


        There is also a picture on the LSNED covers forum post I think. It was such a great thing to do, especially as I hate to waste anything, I love denim, and it was a special pair of jeans. I was pleased with how it came out as it was the first time I had used denim like this and the first time I had used an AC Modern Album. I wanted to try something different to everything else I’d seen. I think I’ll do a mini book with a denim cover as they look so great!

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