Designing Women

Designing Women…remember the awesomely girlie 80’s show where the fashion conscious ladies showcased their different styles and personalities? I loved that show, however cheesy it was.  Well, in an effort to indulge myself in creative pursuits and showcase my style and personality, I have been looking for fun outlets for the “artist” in me. (I use that term *very* loosely, as I do not necessarily consider myself a true artist…just an artist in theory.) Instead of putting crazy pressure on myself to succeed in a selected area, I am working on just loving each area of the arts that I am so darn lucky to be blessed with even a little bit of talent in. So, singing, photography, scrapbooking…just being well rounded is my goal right now. 🙂

Anyway, I am soooo excited that I was added to the design team at Simply Scrapping Crafts, and it is my pleasure to create page layouts based on provided sketches…which I have always found so fun and inspiring. Again, I occasionally have a hard time playing by the rules, but they seem okay with that…which is a darn good thing, I need to “color outside the lines” (and I say that figuratively, hehe). So, here is a layout based on one of the current sketches that SSC so awesomely provided:

Here is the sketch that was provided. Super fun!

I am trying to get over my fear (however weird and irrational) of using primary colors and bright colors. Part of it is the fact that I LOVE muted neutrals…and I am hesitant to move out of that comfort zone. But this layout was fun, because it combined both worlds!
Come and visit us at Simply Scrapping Crafts and join our fun community! Awesome prizes await those that participate in our sketch challenges, (I hooked ya there, didn’t I?)and I can’t wait to connect with my scrappy friends!

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