Scavenger Hunt :)

You know, my blog has been sitting here all neglected for about a week, but I haven’t really felt the spirit move enough to get to writing. But NOW, I am going to do TWO posts. Heh….I think that’s just the way I work.

I have always wanted to do “Scavenger Hunt Sunday” on Ramblings and Photos, but honestly never found the time. Luckily, I took a bunch of random photos in the last couple of days that fit the things I need to “hunt.” 🙂 Soooo, enjoy little random chunks of my world lately.

Capture the Sky

Actually, I was teaching Brynne about manual mode and aperture, and she took this photo. I think she did a great job. 🙂




I drink a cup of coffee every. single. day. And usually it is not just *a* cup…it is a POT. 🙂 I took this photo with my iphone, and edited with instagram……..and I LOVE it.







Ivy and her buddy Gilligan laying around in my bed on a lazy Saturday morning.








Unfortunately, life for us right now has meant Haley having seizures, each and every week for 6 weeks, increasing in intensity and length. We’ve had to visit the ER twice….and here she’s sleeping it off at about 1:30 am. I was stricken by the fact that she looks so small and vulnerable in this photo, and she’s almost 16. It was a reminder to me that she’s still very much a child, and I am feeling overwhelmed.


Well, this isn’t technically “blurred”,it is more overexposed, but it is sorta blurry so we’ll call it blurred, right? 🙂 I was playing around with aperture and shutter speed, and mah girl wanted to be riding her bike.

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3 Responses to Scavenger Hunt :)

  1. Ashley Sisk says:

    These are great – I really like your everyday shot!

  2. lovely photos.
    although it is heartbreaking your life photo is great.
    my niece has epilepsy, and although she is only 5, i find myself thinking the same thing when i look at her on those days. so small and vulnerable.
    i hope your daughter gets better soon.

  3. Welcome to the hunt! Beautiful photos

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