She’s 16 today

I had NO idea how overwhelming it would be to have one of my daughters turn 16. For some reason, that milestone is so big. I remember back to when I turned 16.  My mom and dad took me to see David Copperfield perform at the Midland in Kansas City, and bought me a really beautiful bedroom set; something to replace the one from my early childhood. I felt so mature.

I realize now that my girl is getting closer to a woman, and an adult…and further away from a child. Back in the “olden days” she would possibly be married by now. Yipes. I can’t imagine that.

Also, now that I am a parent of a 16 year old, I have some advice for the set that is just raising your babies (having a 16 year old makes me all wise like that, right?)  In raising and loving your children, you get ONE chance, and 18 very fast years. You may have a second child, but never a second chance to raise the first, do your very best the first time. It is HARD to be a parent, the hardest job that you will ever have. You will have time (and more money) to do all of those things that you dreamed of for yourself later, don’t resent your kids for taking that time away from you now, they deserve everything you’ve got.  Having done the job of raising your child, at any less than you have to offer, is one regret you don’t want to carry around with you. And hey, we want a clear conscience as we are living the life on a beach as empty nesters, right?

Oh, and take lots of pictures……that will be something you will be so happy about later, and so will they.

~Blessings, A

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One Response to She’s 16 today

  1. Awww…. Amy, this is so sweet. Such words of wisdom. Happy Birthday to your daughter. And you are right. There is only the one chance. They do grow up very fast.

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