Bookstore Bliss {and being silly}

I met my mom and my two “littles” in Lawrence the other day. It is the halfway point for each of us, and though we planned to spend the day in Kansas City, that just wasn’t going to work out. So, we met up for a wonderful lunch, and a bit of exploring.

Every time I have been to Lawrence,  I have wanted to stop in The Raven Bookstore, but in the past, I have been in a rush, it has been closed, or parking was a problem (that’s when I wish I could bicycle in Lawrence. Parking is difficult to find).

I was sooo glad that I was able to stop in on our trip this week….the Raven is a slightly retro, very independent, very delightful bookstore. I think I could easily make use of one of their comfy chairs on a rainy days, and not leave for hours. Finding a great book there is very easy, as yellow review slips hang out of many, many selections; reviewing being done by the employees and owner of the store.

I love how my girls love books, and how this store seemed to call out to them as it did to me. The cozy feel of it was perfect for children, and it had many nooks and crannies that were magical. Like this red door with it’s retro glass knob. For some reason, I fell in love with it. 

The natural light in The Raven was perfect for photos. I think it would even make a nice spot for an actual photo shoot. It has so many colors that pop, and areas that are so unique.

I love how my girls love the books that I loved as a child. That makes me feel like maybe I’m doing something right. 😉

Um, this is probably one of the only times you’ll see a full length pic of me….in this mirror. Haha. But I thought it was a fun way to capture the scene behind me in a “fish eye” way.


I love, love, love this picture of Brynne. She’s talking about Edgar Allen Poe. She’d just made the connection between “The Raven” and Edgar Allen Poe. She’d also just bought a finger puppet of Poe, who was having a conversation with Jessie, Ivy’s Toy Story doll. Yep, that’s my kids. I love them. They are so my kids.

As we were leaving, I felt a little sad. I think I could have stayed in The Raven all day. The owner said it was the only independently owned bookstore in Lawrence, and it had been there 23 years. I can see why…it is a wonderful place.

Later, we stopped at a nursery (which I am 99% sure used to be a crematorium, or funeral home, or something related to that with the long tall smokestack rising out of the ground.) I was thinking it was interesting to have a business so full of life…..a bursting greenhouse full of lovely plants, in a building that used to deal with death. But I guess that’s house life moves….in a dizzying circle like that.

Sadly, I have only one picture of that….the girls trying on garden hats, as my memory card had been corrupted. I was so sad. But…..I hope to make these new discoveries frequent haunts….so maybe I’ll have photos from there soon. Happy Friday, friends.

PS-Doesn’t Ivy look like she’s doing her best Minnie Pearl from Hee Haw with the tag hanging down on the hat? Whoa. I probably really dated myself there, hmmm?

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