Happy 9th Birthday….{no joke}

I distinctly remember the very second my 3rd daughter, Ivy Camille, first looked at me.  The whole time I was pregnant with her,  I just *knew* she was going to have those big brown eyes that my husband has; and well, she did. When the doctor placed her on my chest, she peered up at me, just like she wanted to have a conversation. I remember saying to her….”Well, Hi! I have been waiting to meet you for so long!”  I know that’s kind of silly, but it just felt like I already knew her so well.

I had been scheduled to be induced on April 1st, Ivy’s exact due date….but she had an April Fools joke to play on me.

The night before she was born, I went into a nesting cleaning frenzy. Seriously. I cleaned every inch of my house. It was crazy, like I was *driven*. At 11:00, Ken insisted I go to bed, I mean, I was supposed to have a baby the next morning, and the girls were already staying with my in laws….it was time to pack my bag and get the show on the road. So, I did….but I just laid there a few minutes, before I started feeling contractions. I told Ken I felt like I was in labor, but I wasn’t sure. His reply was ” Well, I don’t want to get there too early, and be there forever, like with Brynne.” So, he fell asleep, and as about 30 minutes passed, I was acutely aware I was in labor. I decided that if it hadn’t stopped by 1:00 am, I would get up, shower, and we would go……and I did just that.   Well, anyone who’s ever had a baby knows that warm water stimulates labor. I should have KNOWN that, I was a HUGE devotee of Dr. Sears, and his “The Birth Book”….all about how natural labor works, etc.

As I stood in the shower, it hit me…..very hard contractions. My husband was still asleep, and I was aware that this baby was coming ASAP. After waking him, quickly dressing, and hopping in the car, we were on the way to the hospital, about 30 miles away. About 2 miles outside of town, I realized I left my purse at home, with insurance cards, etc…so we went back. By the time we reached the parking garage of the hospital, I got out of the car, and was CONVINCED I would have my baby in that parking garage.  Still, we walked to the main entrance. Um, why we didn’t go through the emergency room, I dunno. I am pretty sure I had not done a good job of convincing Ken how serious I was. I *loved* sitting through registration, as everyone told me that I was probably not that close, and triage, and getting into a dressing gown; praying that as I stood in the bathroom, I would not have my baby alone on the floor.  As I finally climbed into one of the beds, and a nurse checked me, she said “Oh my gosh, she’s going to have this baby right now!” Seriously.

I smiled as they wheeled me down the hall…..the nurses made note of my calmness. I was ready to meet my baby, and satisfied I had proven how serious I was about having this baby….like now.  The nurses begged me to wait for my doctor to arrive before delivering the baby. I did…..more because Ivy waited. He showed up just in time to deliver her……and place her on my chest….where she looked up at me with those big dark eyes, and a happy expression. She had played a great April Fools joke on us.

My baby girl is now 9.  Ivy has always been very likable. She was a cuddly baby, a calm and easygoing  toddler, and is now a conscientious child. She’s very confident, and has a bit of “star power” if you know what I mean? The kind of charisma that I have felt from friends that have gone on to do big things in a performing career. I don’t know if she’s destined for that, but she does have the belief in herself, and the mental toughness it takes; as well as a great work ethic (but hey, she’s in 3rd grade). 🙂 Ivy says she wants to be a scientist………I’m cool with that, too….whatever she dreams  and wants to be will be fine with me.  

At the end of this post, I am going to put the link to a video that Ivy has loved since she was tiny…..The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.” As soon as she could sit up, she would move every part of her body to the rhythm of that song (and others, but that song really drew her in). That tells you lots about her. I don’t think a Seven Nation Army could ever hold her back.

Happy birthday baby girl…..Momma loves you.

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One Response to Happy 9th Birthday….{no joke}

  1. Brenda Hough says:

    This is a wonderful post – made me tear up. You’re a great mom!! It’s fun having an April 1 birthday – easy for people to remember 🙂

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