Welcome to Spring

After a few very stressful weeks, where I felt I had no creative juices, I decided to force the issue yesterday, with my camera and my very photogenic youngest child….who still loves to have her photo taken. We were killing some time while Brynne had a rehearsal, and I had actually remembered to put my camera bag in the car.  We drove to Gage Park’s Rose Garden in Topeka, with a beautiful day, green grass, budding trees and tulips waiting for us. I have learned that it takes me a while as a photographer to “warm up”, and really get creative with my camera. All of the early shots of this day were a bit blah, but as the direct sun started to set, I began to see the possibilities in the beautiful surroundings.

I am so lucky to have a kid that loves to model, and has a great sense of herself to add to a photo. I also feel so blessed to have had these few moments with her alone. I rarely have time with her, as she is the “baby” and the older girl’s activities usually grab my time.
As I spent plenty of time with my funny girl, enjoying the flowers and the grass, I started to feel creative, and to absorb all that was around me, including her fun, vibrant 9 year old energy. Her “serious” poses, her not taking life seriously at all.                    All of that is a beautiful thing. I think people that are feeling down, should simply spend time with kid.                                                                                     As the sun moved closer to the horizon, I busted out my sun flare capturing skills. I just love those moments so much.

This was by far my favorite shot of the day, and totally candid. Ivy was pretending to be a rock star and sing. She had been dancing on a rock, and then opened her arms to the sky. Right at that moment, though I knew I had tons of technical imperfections to my photos, I did know that the world was exquisitely good, and as Bob Marley says “Every little thing is gonna be alright.” Happy Tuesday, friends. 🙂

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