Little Miracles

Last fall, right before the first killing frost of the season, Ivy found a big, beautiful, bright green praying mantis.  I encouraged her to put it in a jar, and bring it to school to show her friends. Mostly, I really wanted to delay it freezing, and thought it would be cool for the kids to see…..I loved to do that as a kid. I even brought a tarantula that my dad found at our Missouri cabin to school in 4th grade. We named it Big Harry Deal, and overwhelmed it with a feast of insects that it didn’t really eat. My teacher took it out and played with it. To be honest, though I loved him, I still found him very scary. I am highly afraid of spiders.

Anyway, when I arrived at Ivy’s school yesterday to see her 3rd grade class’ presentation on “The Ocean,” her teacher brought a familiar looking jar over for me to see. She said “Back in the fall, Ivy’s praying mantis laid eggs, and I took them home and put them on my porch. This week the eggs finally hatched, and here are the babies.”

There were probably 100 baby praying mantises in the jar. They were delicate, and tiny.

They moved fairly slow, and were seeking food, a few had died. Of course, nothing that the kids could catch for them would work, because the food was larger than the babies; so the teacher was sending them home. They were going to be returning to the place their mom had come from, starting a whole new cycle of life.

We released the babies in the garden, right next to some aphids…and they attempted to catch some right away. I loved the time with my littlest, enjoying nature’s little miracles. She loved them so, and would give them kisses. I thought that was terribly sweet.

I also thought of Charlotte’s Web, and how a loving mama died, never getting to know her babies, but left them behind to explore and carry on in her place….(and in this case) ridding my garden of plant-destroying pests. Good mothers are truly selfless, even in nature,  and that’s a good lesson to me. Mamas of all kinds love their children without ever knowing what they will become, because a parent’s love doesn’t have boundaries or timelines. Life is simply about loving and living on faith, and it can surprise you with hundreds of little miracles.

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2 Responses to Little Miracles

  1. jsquared says:

    That is one awesome photo at the top of the page.

  2. phinner says:

    altogether awesome! definitely a miracle!!! wow!

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