Scenes from a photo journey

This weekend, in the midst of things that had left me exhausted, frustrated, and sad from the week before, I spent a few days at my parent’s house in Paola. We visited museums, clothing and scrapbook stores, gardens, and estate sales. At the end of my visit, we took a trip to the former home of the Ursuline sisters; which had formerly been a Catholic school (that interestingly enough my great grandmother attended many moons ago), a college, and then a retirement home for nuns.
My mom had wanted to take me to Ursuline for a while, and we had never made the time. I guess it was just waiting for me to show up when I did…..ready to give me a renewed sense of peace with where my life is right now. Places like this have done this for me before, and they leave a deep impression in my memory each time.
Unfortunately, my blog is giving me fits, so I have had to delete some things I have written, to help things make sense, and some of the photos remain out of order….but it will have to work for now, as I don’t have another 2 hours to burn, unfortunately. I hope you enjoy the photo journey. 🙂

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