It has been so long since I have shared anything new here! It isn’t that I haven’t had things to say………I’ve had plenty……but I just never sit down and pour them out! I hope to remedy that very soon! In the mean time, I thought I’d share some images from our trip to Branson, MO, and just “around the house” things ALL taken and edited with my iPhone. I have gradually fallen in love with the camera on my 3gs, and have learned how the tiny little lens reacts to and uses light, and how the angle and composition are everything. I truly think it has made me a better photographer to step back and look mostly at how to compose a pleasing image.
A view of Table Rock Lake, on a cloudy day. Edited in Camera Plus.

I love, love, love these images. They are from the swing Merry Go Round at Silver Dollar City, Branson.

Ah, the Giant Barn Swing, that I refuse to ride. Sigh……I’m so afraid of heights. But NOT afraid of roller coasters. Hmmm……yes, I’m strange.

This is my fabulous hubby, driving home from our vacation, and the following image is as we head into Kansas…..maps on the dash no longer needed. 🙂

The last few days, it has been SO hot, I was not wanting to be outdoors at all. So, I set up fun vignettes with antiques and such I had around the house. I was so pleased with how things came out! I think I’ll frame a few of these for my kitchen!

Well, thanks so much for perusing my images! I’ll be back soon with a wordier post….but until then, my friends in the “heat dome”….please stay cool, and everyone else have a wonderful day!
~ Blessings, A

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  1. jsquared says:

    Some great photos. Love that first one of the carousel. My daughter loves them. When we went to Euro-disney it was the only one she insisted on going on twice. Mind she was only a 2 and a half then. I have since introduced her to the fun of rollercoasters.

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